Eleanor GT500 (clone)


Eleanor built on Ford Mustang Fastback from 1967 or 1968.


Copy of the movie star "Eleanor". Built on Ford Mustang Fastback from 1967 or 1968.

The basic price includes the restored car in the configuration below.

Multiple changes are possible. See the menu at the top

  • Any color combination
  • Engine 289 or 302 after major refurbishment
  • Automatic C4 gearbox or manual 4-speed gearbox after regeneration
  • Open rear differential 8 "
  • Electric power steering, Lecarra steering wheel
  • New front disc brakes, rear drum reels
  • New front and rear suspension, standard
  • New rims and tires to choose from a few typical ones
  • New, standard interior, vinyl upholstery, any color
  • New emblems, side filler, radio, speakers, etc ...
  • New all glass
  • New stainless steel exhaust system, 2.5 "